If you were prompted to update Donna but it failed, we have gathered some common problems you might be experiencing.

Donna was installed by IT

Updating and auto-updating will not work as expected if Donna was installed by your IT administrator. Contact your administrator and send them this article to aid in updating.

I Installed Donna myself

If you've installed Donna yourself, please try the following procedures.

Update from the latest installer:

  • Sign in to https://my.donna.legal/
  • Go to Pick Your Version and click Setup Now 
  • Save the file
  • Start the installer and choose Check for Updates

Update as Administrator

If you've tried the previous section, but that did not succeed, it's possible that you installed Donna to All Users through the installer. That requires running the installer as administrator.

  • Right click DonnaInstaller.exe, and choose Run as Administrator. You can find DonnaInstaller.exe in your downloads folder, if you followed the steps in Update from the latest Installer and chose Save instead of Run.
  • Click the Check for Updates button.

Reinstall Donna

If the previous options failed, let's try reinstalling Donna from scratch. Don't worry, all your preferences are linked to the account you signed in with, so you won't need to do any setup this time.

  • Start DonnaInstaller.exe (available at https://my.donna.legal)
  • Click the red Uninstall button. 
  • When it's finished, restart DonnaInstaller.exe
  • Click the Install button and choose Donna for Microsoft Word

Still having issues?

Please contact support through chat or email and we will help you figure out the problem.

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