As of April 19, we have released Donna for Windows. The new Donna has a deeper integration with Word, and delivers a much improved experience compared to Donna Go:

  1. No more unexpected changes! Donna for Windows never changes anything about your documents, unless you ask for something to change. 
  2. Tracking Changes? No Problem. The new version works perfectly with Track Changes. 
  3. It's snappier! Donna for Windows is much quicker and will never get in your way.
  4. Colors, colors & more colors! Since Donna for Windows has a deeper integration with MS Word, the color experience is more vivid and fluid. 
  5. Everything else is exactly the same! Donna will still behave in the same way that you've come to recognise and love. 

Installing Donna for Windows should be as easy as pie:

1. Download the installer

2. Run the downloaded setup.exe, and click Install

3. Restart Microsoft Word, and Voila!

Uninstalling Donna Go:

1. Open Word

2. On the Insert tab, click My Add-ins

3. Click the three dots next to the Donna logo, and press Remove

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