Focus Button

There's two ways to show where a suggestion is located in the document. You can either hover your mouse over a particular suggestion card which will bring up a faint button to the left. This is the Focus Button and you will see this appear on other cards as well. Clicking this button will make Donna select and scroll to the area in the document that this suggestion applies to.

Detailed View

You can also click on the card which will open up a detailed view of the suggestion. Sometimes this detailed view will provide additional cards that are relevant to the context. You can navigate to these Context Cards by using the Focus Button.

Defined Terms

You can navigate to Defined Terms (found under Review > Defined Terms) in a similar way. Just use the Focus Button to quickly navigate to the place in the document where the term is defined.

By clicking on the term you will see a more detailed view that includes all the locations in the document where this term is used. Using the Focus Button you can quickly navigate between them. This is a great feature if you want to make sure that the term has been used correctly throughout the document.

Money, Dates etc.

I think you can guess how we made these work by now. Looking at Dates (found under Review > Dates) or amounts of money (found under Review > Money) you can once again use the Focus Button to navigate to the position in the document where they are located.

As of now there is no detailed view for these cards yet, so clicking on them does not do anything yet. But we're working on some exciting new features and will update this document once they're available!

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