Easy Installation

Don't worry, it's super easy to install Donna. Donna can be installed on all platforms supported by Microsoft Office and does not require any administrative privileges. Just make sure to (if possible) install the latest Office and Windows updates to ensure there is no unexpected complications. Then follow these steps.

Important Note: For early users of the original stand-alone Donna app please make sure to follow
this guide on how to remove this deprecated application before proceeding with this guide.

1. Install the Donna Add-In from the Microsoft App Store.

Start by opening Microsoft Word. Then, click the 'Insert' tab on the tool ribbon.  If you are using Word Online, you can then click the option 'Store'. If you opened Word from your Desktop, you’ll choose the option 'Office Add-Ins'.

In newer versions of Microsoft Word there might also be a tab called 'Add-Ins'. Then simply click 'My Add-Ins', and then 'Store'.

Once you’ve opened the Microsoft Store, search for "Donna" and use the 'Add' button to install it. You can now find the Donna button on your 'Home' tab.

You can also download Donna in the Microsoft AppSource, and follow the prompts.

2. Open Donna and Create an Account

On the 'Home' tab, you will see a Donna button, to the furthest right. Click it to open the Donna side-bar. Once Donna is open, click 'Activate App'. If you already have an account you can provide your email and password to continue.

If you don't have an account yet or you are migrating from the old Donna Desktop App you can click 'Sign Up' and provide your email and password to create an account. This will send a confirmation email, so please check your email before proceeding. This email provides a link to activate your account. After you have activated your account you can come back to Word and we can continue with activating the app by repeating the previous step.

That's it 🎉You have successfully installed and activated the app in just a few minutes!  Now let's have a look at how Donna will help you be more productive.


Working with Donna

The following short video shows how Donna works and how to make working with her a productive part of your daily workflow. You can also find a short summary below if you prefer to read instead.


Under the Review section you will find tasks that you would ordinarily do by hand. For instance Donna can help you step through all the dates in your document for you to check. Or Donna can provide a list of all Defined Terms in the document and where they were used.


Under Suggestions, you will be able to see areas that Donna believes require your attention. The suggestions are grouped into categories such as defined-terms, cross-references, numbering, punctuation and more. Categories that need your attention have a clear orange indicator.

Each suggestion provides a short explanation of what Donna has observed. When you edit the text in response to these suggestions Donna will automatically re-analyse the document and resolve any related suggestions.

Although Donna is smart, her suggestions are not always something you are interested in. Simply ignore these suggestions as Donna will automatically learn how to prioritise her future comments based on how you interact with her. 


Clicking on a card will provide more information if it's available. Some cards will show a small crosshair icon when hovering over them. Clicking this icon will bring you to the location in the document where this card is of relevance.


And if you ever get stuck or have a question don't hesitate to reach out! There is a pink message icon in the bottom right corner of the Add-in. Click this to open a realtime support chat with our team. Even if your question is unrelated to Donna, such as "how do I fix my automatic number formatting", we are more then happy to provide assistance!

Thank you for trying Donna!
-- The Donna Team

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